Know What’s under the Hood: Using Your Software to its Fullest Potential

March 8, 2018
By Melanie May
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Melanie May

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If asked, most of us could give a basic description of the car we drive. Make, model, color, year, manual or automatic, possibly even so far as V6 or V8. Our cars get us from point A to point B and if we are in a jam, we can probably perform basic maintenance, like filling washer fluid or changing a tire.

What if you came out to the garage one day and discovered a Lamborghini parked there instead? All that power and finesse in one vehicle; would you even know what to do with it?

Now take that concept and apply it to the various software you use in a day at work. You probably know the ins and the outs of how to navigate it through daily basics. But do you really know what’s under the hood?

Take it out of Reverse

If you are not using a software to its fullest potential, you are not alone: It is estimated that only 65 percent of available functions in a typical warehouse management system are actually used. Users start out with good intentions to fully optimize their new software, but momentum slows once the software is installed. It can be tough to keep up the drive for a new product once it’s implemented and teams begin to use it. At the same time, if you leave your software little more than half-used, not only are you missing out on a lot of features, but you risk the software not performing to the max capacity you expect.

One of the keys to avoiding half-used software is knowing what to anticipate. Before buying any software, outline clear and understandable requirements, and be able to easily define what you expect your software to do and how you expect to do it. If you assume your software will do something it’s not designed to do, it will fail to achieve your expectations, and it will be more tempting for your users to abandon it in whole or in part.

Take it for a Drive

When you know exactly what is under the hood of your software and how to use it; getting the most out of your system is easy. Most of us could reasonably pilot a Lamborghini around town, but that car is not designed to just go back and forth to the grocery store. With a little training from a car expert, however, you could be drifting around hairpin turns like a pro in no time.

It’s the same with software. Getting the most out of your system is as easy as getting the right training. When customers are not using reporting platforms  to full capacity, more often than not it’s because they need an educational refresh or tutorials. Perhaps they are a newer employee, or the original users have left and it’s up to them to figure out how to navigate the platforms.

Pedal to the Metal

Sound like something you’d like to learn how to do? insightsoftware has a veritable array of training in different formats to suit all manner of users and needs. From our regular live webinars to our video library to  recorded training sessions, those who prefer to direct their own research can find answers to every question they have. For those who prefer talking things through, technical support is just a phone call away.

Finally, we employ a host of top-tier trainers across the country and around the globe who service users on site for hands-on, in-person training. This is customizable to suit your Excel Automation needs.

If you don’t already have an ERP or EPM reporting solution and you would like to learn, we’d love to take you for a test drive.

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