How FP&A Professionals Can Start Impacting Performance Across Enterprises

March 26, 2019
By Thomas van Hellemondt
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Thomas van Hellemondt

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FP&A done right means delivering information and insights that impact performance across the enterprise. This requires effective business partnering. The foundation of effective business partnering is mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships with company leaders across the enterprise.

FP&A Webinars aired a webinar which featured two renowned thought leaders, Anders Liu-Lindberg, Co-Founder, Business Partnering Institute, and Wouter Born, SVP Strategy, insightsoftware (co-founder of the former CXO Software company). The content and compelling conversation focused on addressing the following questions:

  • What makes an FP&A professional a business partner?
  • How do FP&A leaders understand what information company leaders need to optimize departmental performance?
  • How do FP&A and finance professionals develop relationships, develop insights, and communicate with impact to influence decisions to drive business performance?
  • What roles do people, process, and technology play in effective business partnering?

Technology Empowers Business Partnering

The webinar also featured a panel discussion between Anders and Wouter. In addition to great insights contributed during the panel discussion, Wouter Born leveraged the CXO Software solution to offer a live case study of the critical role that technology can play in effective business partnering. He showed how their financial reporting platform facilitates the creation and sharing of the story behind the numbers in a financial report. Technology empowers effective business partnering by:

  • Delivering meaningful analysis by communicating a story
  • Delivering reports that include predictions of what will happen in addition to what has happened
  • Facilitating meaningful dialogues within and beyond the FP&A team within one application
  • Reporting and explaining variances with a narrative
  • Communicating the integrated story of performance which includes data enriched with operational detail and analytic insight

Check Out the Webinar

Listen to the on-demand webinar to discover the mindset and framework for a successful business partnering program. Learn about the role that technology plays in developing collaborative relationships and empowering the communication of the story behind the numbers to conquer the last mile of FP&A, impacting performance across the enterprise.

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