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Why You Should Add Data Visualization

University of Pennsylvania researchers report that the human retina processes data at approximately 10 million bits per second. That’s awfully fast compared with a typical adult reading rate of about 400 to 600 words per minute. There are many advantages to visualizing data, aside from speed. Why Data Visualizations? When viewing visual imagery instead of only […]

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Sourcing, Managing, and Using Information in FP&A

Today’s finance and accounting professionals face ever-growing challenges when it comes to data. The simplest analysis can be complicated by wrong or bad data, and even too much data can be a problem. Effectively sourcing, managing, and using data are key skills. Data Collection Basics When it comes to collecting data, keeping the three Vs […]

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Agile Reporting: Where Speed Meets Control

Today’s executive decision-makers requires comprehensive insight into their organization. And they need this information to be available wherever and whenever
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The Four Pillars of Financial Intelligence 3.0

To allow their finance teams to take this next step, organizations need to find a way out of the ‘old finance’ commodity trap.
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The Rise of Automation: Making Technology Part of the Team

Automation and technology are used to enhance and streamline many processes, including removing the opportunity for human error. However,
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Why Generic Business Intelligence Tools are Failing Today’s CFOs

In trying to be all things to all people, generic BI tools are failing to meet the specific and broad needs of the CFO and finance teams.
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Building A Connected Enterprise

Devices comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) have grown around 70 percent in recent years, totaling over 6.4 billion. As impressive as that may
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From Real-Time Financial Data to Reporting and Planning Success

"Can’t see the forest for the trees" is a saying that virtually everyone is familiar with. In essence, it describes when someone is so focused on the
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The Risk of Business Cases with Short Termism

Think about a standard business case, a business projection with an accompanying financial projection of future cashflows. Normally these are linked to complex, multi-year, multi-geography projects. The business case highlights the key assumptions that would need to hold true for the financial projections (and therefore a positive financial return) to materialize. Good examples would be […]

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Developing and Managing Scenarios and Sensitivity Analyses

FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) professionals and others who are responsible for developing financial projections are not in a one-and-done business. Most projections, forecasts, and other projects  quickly become the subject of some what-if conversations: What if we increase prices by 10 percent across the board? What if our biggest competitor cuts prices? What impact […]

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